How I came to Design Websites • • •

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My history and background with computers goes back to my early adulthood when I began programming them in the days long before personal computers.

Back in the day, those machines were called Big Iron where they filled a large room and had the processing power of a modern wristwatch.

Shortly after the Apple Macintosh was introduced in 1984, I fell head over heals for that platform. I've worked on many Big Iron machines and PC's over the years but the Mac remains my machine of choice.

I've been building websites using the Mac for more than a decade now. While the Mac was the birthplace of desktop graphic design and publishing tools, website design was not one of it's early strong suites.

Many of those original sites had to be hand coded as there were few software design packages available. Times have changed though and some great software has come about making it easier and more efficient to use a Mac.

Be sure to read about the Design Methodologies I subscribe to and then view my Site Projects Portfolio to see for yourself how a good website is more than just a pretty picture.

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